Taupo Day Tours from Rotorua

Taupo has two must-see sights, so it is absolutely worth booking a Taupo day trip. Those must-see sights are Huka Falls and Lake Taupo.

Huka Falls is one of the most visited natural attractions in New Zealand. It is a truly spectacular waterfall that drops over eight metres – the speed and flow of water are amazing to see. Huka means foam in Maori, and this waterfall produces plenty of it.

Lake Taupo was formed over thousands of years by volcanic eruptions. It is a huge lake that is fed by lots of rivers and streams, although there is only one outlet – the Waikato River. The Waikato River leads to Huka Falls.

Lake Taupo’s full Maori name is Taupo-nui-a-Tia. It is named after Tia, a Maori explorer. According to legend, Tia discovered what is now Lake Taupo and named it Taupo because he thought a rock formation in the area looked like his cloak. The full name Taupo-nui-a-Tia translated to English, therefore, is Great Cloak of Tia.

At JTR Tours, we offer unforgettable Taupo day tours from Rotorua that let you experience everything Lake Taupo and Haku Falls has to offer. Your tour includes all transport and transfers to and from Rotorua and between your activities.

Taupo Adventure Tours and Activities

Our Taupo day trip includes two specially curated experiences from two expert tour operators:

  • Chris Jolly Outdoors Cruise Cat
  • Hukafalls Jet

A typical tour itinerary starts with us collecting you from your location in Rotorua for a private transfer to Lake Taupo. Your first stop is Chris Jolly Outdoors. This experience is a 1.5-hour cruise on Lake Taupo on a spacious and modern catamaran.

During the tour, you will get the opportunity to view Maori rock carvings, a sight that is only accessible by water. You will also experience the stunning natural scenery of Lake Taupo.

Once your catamaran tour is complete, we will transport you to Hukafalls Jet. This experience is a jet boat trip up the Waikato River to the base of Huka Falls. It’s a half-hour tour and is the only jet boat experience to Huka Falls. You’ll get closer to the waterfall than you ever thought possible.

Even the journey there and back is fun and exciting. The jet boat does 360-degree spins plus you can enjoy the stunning natural surroundings of the river that includes rugged cliffs, natural hot springs, and more.

Taupo adventure tours and activities don’t get any better than this. Book yours today.