Hobbiton Movie Set Tours from Rotorua & Auckland

A Hobbiton Tour is an experience you can only have in Matamata in New Zealand, the location of the Hobbiton movie set.

Hobbiton features the movie set used to film many scenes in The Hobbit as well as The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It was completely rebuilt in Matamata after the movies were completed to ensure the set is exactly as it appeared in the movies.

Hobbiton is set over 12 acres and is a must-see for any Hobbit or Lord of the Rings fans, whether that is the books, the movies, or both. In fact, even if you are not a fan of the world-famous stories, you will still love this experience. It’s a piece of history, it’s cultural, and it’s magical.

At JTR Tours, we offer Hobbiton movie set tours from both Rotorua and Auckland, with private transport that is suitable for various small party sizes. Plus, we’ll look after getting your entry tickets. After the tour, we’ll transport you back to your location.

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Best Hobbiton Tours & Shuttle Services from Rotorua NZ

At JTR Tours, we offer high-quality Hobbiton tours and shuttle services from Rotorua, NZ.

Our vehicles are all comfortable, getting you to the movie set without any hassle. Our drivers are experienced too, plus they have a wealth of local knowledge so can help with any questions you have.

At Hobbiton, the tour is guided and takes about two hours. During that two hours you will be immersed in The Shire and Middle-Earth where you will see and experience the lush pastures, Hobbit Holes, the Mill, and more, finishing up in the Green Dragon Inn.

At the Green Dragon Inn, you will get a complimentary Southfarthing, a drink popular in the magical world of The Shire.

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Book an Affordable Hobbiton Movie Set Tour from Auckland

We can also help at JTR Tours if you are in Auckland and want to visit the Hobbiton movie set. In fact, we offer the best Hobbiton tour from Auckland as we’ll pick you up from your location for a private transfer to Hobbiton. This is the ideal way to begin your Middle-Earth experience.

Then, once you are finished and have enjoyed your Southfarthing, we’ll transport you back to Auckland.

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